Sound Design


Spike is a vertical slice video game project, wich i was fortunate to be a part of in the context of my 2nd year Master Degree at the CNAM Enjmin. In this top down action-adventure game, the player controls a little mutant hedgehog, that traverls through a supersized apocalyptic world. To survive and understand the origin of a mysterious susbtance that corrupts the world around him, he will have to defeat various threat, such as dangerous insects. For this game, i recorded the entirety of the sources used for all of the audio (music, sound design, ambiances), appart from the insect sounds that comes from an audio library. For the ambiances, i choosed to use ultrasonic microphones to capture signals way above the human range, then pitched down the signals from 20000 to 45000hz, in order to bring them back to the human hearing range. The goal was to give a sense of the sounds that an hedgehog would perceive, as those tiny creatures can hear from 20 to 45000hz. All of the ambiances were recorded with this process, even the impulse responses used for the reverbs employed within the game.

Overall, i learned a LOT about foley recordings and sound design in general, and as it represents my latest work to date and my current abilities as a sound designer, i hope that you will enjoy it !

If you wish to play the game, feel free to download it on its page right there :


2022 Sound Design Demo Reel

Above, you can watch my latest Demo Reel, that showcases glimpses of projects that i had the chance to work for.

  • It starts with a Dead Space Remake re-design, that i realized ONLY using my own recorded foley sounds, or Phase Plant patches made from scratch. The goal was to realize everything without the tiny bit of preset or audio library whatsoever, and i’m proud to say that i suceeded. Most importantly, i learned so much in the process.
    • For this, i had to record a lot of sounds, wich i mostly did with a Neumann TLM 107 for the mono channel, added to a stereo channel using a pair of Neumann KM184 placed in ORTF. A non exhaustive list of theses are : broken glass, ice, wood breaking, crushed meat and other various foods, frozen foods, footsteps and handtaps on a metal plate, wood breaking, mechanical sounds for the reload, bed sheets for the monster’s wings, and most importantly, my own voice for Isaac, the monster and the begning and the Necromorph. etc.
    • I also took some time to design the gun sound with the use of multiple Phase Plant patches, as well as designing the electromagnetic fields appearing when Isaac starts to fire with Phase Plant as well. All of those sources are available to download below for FREE !! Here’s 7GB of goodies for ya, enjoy 🙂

Download for FREE the 7gb of sounds made for this re-design

by clicking right here

  • Then, some of the sounds that i made for a sci-fi video game project called Dark Sense, still non released, can be heard.
    • For theses, i used only seal screams to make the monster noises (shaping them in lots of different ways through the use of distortion, clipping and compression).
    • The “power” sounds, beeing an energy coming from the main character’s life force, i wanted theses to sound very organic : thus, they are made using only electromagnetic field recordings.
    • The footsteps were recorded by me, as well as most of the cloth sounds for the foleys ; the ambiences were also recordings of mine, done in the south of France.

  • Finally, the music design, sound design and ambience design that i realized on one of my most beloved projects called Kite Kid, can be seen. A lot of work was done in a very little amount of time (2 months), as much on the interactive music side, the composition side (all of the music was made with recorded flutes, played by my dearest friend and talented instrumentalist Alex Bobe) than the sound design and Wwise implementation side.

Forgotten Island

(Interactive Escape Game accessible to the blind)

At the start of my 2nd year master degree, i found myself working on a very cool 1 week video game project : a coop experience in wich one player would have to unlock a treasure island map, unveiled through the progression of another blindfolded player, and trapped inside of a room. The blindfolded player would have to describe the environments surrounding him to his partner only through the use of sound, so that together, they would unveiled the mysteries of the Forgotten Island, and put their hands on a mysterious treasure, hidden inside of a lost temple.
For this project, i decided to designed 4.1 ambiances, with a lot of elements passing from a speaker to next. Saddly, most web audio players are not yet accepting 5.1 audio ; however, you can click below to experience them in Binaural.

Fishy Hospital

(Interactive Installation)

Within my Enjmin cursus, i had the pleasure to work on a little project called “Fishy Hospital”, an audiovisual interactive experience consisting at representating an interactive aquarium full of fishes, that would head towards the direction of any person passing in front of the screen. It was the occasion of making underwater sounds for the first time, wich would give the impression that you were inside of the aquarium with the fishes. Depending on the distance that the fishes would travel in order to meet the position of the person, their speed would vary, and so the a different sound would be played to match it. Have a listen !

A Slow Speed Moving Fish
A Medium Speed Moving Fish
A High Speed Moving Fish

ENJMIN Application 2021

In 2021, i applied for the best video game school in France, known as ENJMIN (Audio specification), an applicaiton that allowed me to be selected for joining the program and completing my studies with a Master. I had the opportunity to conceptualize a game called “The Weaver’s Exodus”, in wich you would control a nomad village and wander through a post-apocalyptic landscape, ravaged by the sun beams. I created 4 sonic examples in order to illustrate it. Here they are:

The Eclipse Arrival

The Veil dressed by the Nomads

The Nomads traveling in the desert, with a character telling a poem translated in Arabic

The Nomad village’s activities

Field Recording Sessions

NOISE (Audio Fiction)

Here is a sonic fiction that i had the chance to realize as a part of my cursus at the University of Toulon (France). Told in French, it tells the story of a young man folowing the day to day of its activities, while trying to escape the agressive urban soundscape that constantly surrounds him. Somewhere along the line, something happens, and his life takes a strange and scary turn. For this project, i recorded all of the sounds myself in Paris (at the exception of footsteps), with a Zoom H6. The goal was to immerse as best as i could the listener into the noise of this city where i was born to, and lived for the most part of my life. I also wrote the whole story and script, as well as recording my voice for the occasion.

You can listen to it there :

Or on your streaming platform of choice (Spotify, Tidal…)

Cheat Or Die (Video Game)

In 2020’s summer, i’ve been working algonside Mathias Boulain and it’s colleagues to make the sound effects and music for the game Cheat or Die. Inspired by old cartoons such as Tex Avery, we decided to embrace that ton for the audio direction of the game.

Find a demo reel of it right there:

Play the game here:

Wonderboy The Dragon’s Trap – Mouth Only ReDesign (Student Exercise)

Below, you can watch a video that  3 day school project, where i re-made and synchronized sounds from the game Wonderboy The Dragon’s Trap, entirely with my mouth (yes, even the door and chest sounds 🙂!)