Music Design

To know more about Kite Kid, my 1st year Master Degree game project, you can watch this video that i made on the music design, sound design and implementation work i did ! Feel free to give me your feedback within the comment section 🙂

My first project ever done was to realize a 30mn long soundtrack for a virtual escape game called Identify Instance, by LabVenture Games (a parisian indie video game studio), set in 1889! You play as an investigator locked inside of a room by a serial killer ; then, you only have 30mn to get out of the room and stay alive… The music was composed and centered around piano music, in theory played by the killer that wants you dead, and becames more tense by the minute till the end. Watch the trailer below:

You can listen to the OST on Soundcloud, right there:

Right after that, i’ve been working on a 3 track OST for Nedjer, an action game concept realized by IIM MBA’s students, within you would control Neith, an heroin ravaged by her own path, evolving into a cyberpunk/egyptian world and fighting ancient egyptian gods.

You can listen to it on YouTube :

You can get the Bandcamp EP there:

Listen to it on Soundcloud there:

I’ve also worked on Communication Lost, a game made by students from the Institut de l’Internet et du Multimédia (IIM) in 3 month, through a contest organized by Red Cross on the theme of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. The game is a narrative experience of 15mn, wich tells the story of a young doctor that will help a soldier to get through a battlefield, safe and sound, and reach the hospital before it’s too late. Watch the trailer below!

You can get the Bandcamp EP there:

Listen to it on Soundcloud there:

You can play the game for free through this link:

During 6 weeks, i’ve been producing the whole soundtrack/wwise project/sfxs for Gold Digger, an arcade inspired game where you control an avid old gold digger, on his way to become the richiest graveyard guy of the universe. He will have to get through some zombies tho… and run, run pretty fast.

The dynamic soundtrack works this way: 6 versions of the same tracks, divided in two categories (Regular and 8-Bit). The transition happens following the number of spawned zombies, and when entering in a graveyard’s minigame. The idea was to bring tension and a sense of progression throughout the experience, while avoiding repetitivity.

You can learn more about the game right there:

And here’s the soundtrack: