I am a motivated and enthusiastic sound designer and music designer, always aiming at raising the bar of my technical and human skills.

Through the various education programs and projects that i had the chance to be a part of, i always tried to push the interactivity level of the experience by the use of audio, with 3 goals in mind :

  • Creating good quality assets and implementation systems, inline with the game mechanics and vision.
  • Finding ways to maintain the player in a state of flow throughout the whole experience.
  • Doing my best to give clear and detailed audio feedbacks to the player, without inducing cognitive overload or fatigue.

As of know, i am looking for a 6 month internship as a Sound Designer or Music Designer, in order to validate my 2nd year Master Degree at the Cnam ENJMIN. Therefore, if you wish for me to be a part of your team and help you design awesome audio content in the future, you will find my resume below, available to download !